BASF developed a holistic solution to draw the best and brightest, and then keep them engaged.

Members of BASF’s University Recruitment team and leaders from Southern University—one of BASF’s core schools for recruiting diverse talent

Members of BASF’s University Recruitment team and leaders from Southern University—one of BASF’s core schools for recruiting diverse talent

To create innovative solutions for some of the most challenging issues facing our society—the need for clean water, a sufficient food supply, and more efficient use of resources, as well as improving our quality of life—BASF relies on the power of connected minds. This means our ability to attract, develop, and retain smart, talented people is critical to our goal.

BASF is committed to forming the best team and hiring diverse people, with unique opinions, backgrounds, and experiences. We look for people who reflect the markets and industries we serve. And we work to build a stronger employer brand—innovating with respect to how and where we recruit top talent, and changing how we communicate with candidates at all levels of career experience.

To accelerate our efforts, BASF created a position for a “diversity sourcer”—a dedicated resource, whose primary goal is to find diverse talent for BASF. BASF is a regular participant at national diversity conferences, such as National Black MBA and Society for Women Engineers, among others. BASF also works with local chapters of diversity associations to host on-site events at its facilities. As a result of these activities, we have met thousands of qualified diverse individuals who have joined our talent community, available through BASF’s careers page:

In addition, BASF’s Professional and Leadership Development Programs continue to be important tools in the company’s recruiting portfolio. Through these well-established and successful programs, selected undergraduates, MBAs, and PhDs can jumpstart their careers by joining BASF in two-year rotational development programs, which may include international exposure. We recruit on campus at 25 universities, including two Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HCBUs). BASF’s University Recruiting team has developed a diversity liaison role for each university; this person is responsible for reaching out to diverse student groups on campus to share our brand and explain why BASF is a great place to work.

It is important to note that forming the best team does not end just because BASF has offered and a candidate has accepted a position; it continues well beyond. BASF works diligently to ensure that when people join the organization, they can develop, thrive, and enjoy a rewarding career and a balanced, healthy life. With a unique internal brand called you@BASF, our employees engage with their Total Offer in four main areas: Development; Benefits; Work Environment; and Compensation. Developing and retaining the best people is an important piece of the BASF talent strategy. All employees are encouraged to commit to lifelong learning through formal training, coaching, and on-the-job experience. BASF offers a formal regional mentoring program, and eight employee resource groups—a great way for employees toengage in company activities, from recruiting talent to business partnership to community relations. Our employees also enjoy competitive compensation, benefits, and perks that include a wellness program, flexible work options, and generous vacation time.

All with the goal of ensuring that the best team in business can be at their best—at work and in life.