Spencer Stuart and WomenCorporateDirectors (WCD) have forged a new alliance for North America—to serve board members and advance best practices in corporate governance. Combining the strengths of WCD, the largest global organization of women board directors, and Spencer Stuart, one of the world’s leading executive search consulting firms, the partnership encompasses board research, director events, and other thought-leadership initiatives around building better boards.

WCD—a group of 2,500+ directors serving on more than 3,500 boards—is rapidly growing worldwide, with 60 chapters on six continents so far. As the group’s premier search partner, Spencer Stuart will work with WCD in North America to launch new chapters and share boardroom expertise at chapter events, and at WCD’s Global Institute.

“The power of this partnership is in working together to achieve a common objective: Helping to build the best boards possible,” said Julie Hembrock Daum, head of Spencer Stuart’s North American Board Practice and a member of the firm’s own board. “By connecting companies with the highest-performing directors, and ensuring that directors get the information and insights they need, Spencer Stuart and WCD are truly raising the game in corporate governance.”

“Spencer Stuart’s expertise and network will elevate what we can accomplish at WCD,” said Susan Stautberg, WCD’s CEO, co-founder and co-chair. Spencer Stuart is coming on in the midst of exponential growth for WCD—the aggregate market capitalization of just the public companies on whose boards its members serve was recently calculated at close to $8 trillion. Chapters opened recently in Panama, Kansas City, Iceland, and Quebec, with chapters in Denver, Northern Florida/Southern Georgia, Hawaii, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Rio de Janeiro, and South Korea set to launch in the coming months.

“As WCD is growing so quickly, we sought a partner who could help us further expand our reach and influence, and drive home the importance of diversity of thought in the boardroom,” said Ms. Stautberg. “Spencer Stuart is a firm committed to creating boards that are multigender, multitalented, multiethnic, multigenerational, and multinational.”