Kathie Sandlin, Editor in Chief

face shot

Nominations for the 14th annual Women Worth Watching award close Friday, June 20. This is your opportunity to recognize a woman in your organization who’s accomplishing great things.

So why “get all up in your face” about it? Because I firmly believe that nothing influences a woman to succeed like another’s success.

I was lucky enough to be part of the launch of Women Worth Watching, this magazine’s celebration of women leadership, 16 years ago. Some of the women I interviewed for our first few issues inspired me so much that I told their stories for years afterwards. Prior to our interviews, I did not know them. I did not work with them day to day. Yet their stories…and our conversations…had a tremendous impact on my life and career. In fact, I follow many of their careers (and support their work) today.

Can you imagine the impact this award could have on not one, but many of the women in your organization?

I encourage you to nominate a woman from your organization. I think you’ll be amazed at what she—and those she influences—will be able to accomplish next.

Submit your nomination at www.womenworthwatching.com/nominate.