Cigna’s Hispanic/Latino Colleague Resource Group (CRG) participants worked with team members from Marketing and the Total Health and Network organization to create an informational white paper for Cigna’s US health care professionals, titled: Bienestar: America’s Hispanic Community… Improving Health Outcomes Through Engagement with Health Care Professionals.

“We had just sponsored our second Hispanic Healthcare summit, and the paper was a result of a challenge we put out to the CRG to bring the context of the event to life to those stakeholders that serve our customers in the Hispanic community,” says Rosanna Durruthy, chief diversity officer.

The paper, Bienestar (which in Spanish means wellbeing), was designed to give employees, healthcare professionals, and Cigna clients and brokers, an understanding of Hispanic cultural characteristics and preferences—a key enabler to better health outcomes. It has been extraordinarily well received in the marketplace, having been seen by an estimated half million health professionals and staff to date.

“It was our goal to use this paper to not only raise awareness but create a call to action,” says Eliana Nunez, Operational Effectiveness Senior Director and member of the Bienestar team. “To talk about what we can do differently, share our own experiences, and tell the story in a way that can help health care practitioners understand their patients better and help them achieve their health goals.”