The Women Take Charge section of Lincoln Financial Group’s Chief Life Officer microsite was launched in March 2012, coinciding with Women’s History Month and providing educational multimedia presentations and other tools aimed at helping women take charge of their lives and financial futures.

“Today, we see more women in the role of primary financial decision maker than ever before,” says Jamie DePeau, Lincoln Financial’s SVP and chief marketing officer. “Women Take Charge gives them tools and information that can empower them to make decisions around financial security.”

The custom content was created with data from Lincoln Financial’s MOOD (Measuring Optimism, Outlook, and Direction) of America survey. This survey’s results showed that more and more women are becoming the primary financial decision maker for their families—a fact that is not always apparent in our industry’s marketing efforts. The Women Take Charge section serves as a platform for Lincoln Financial to introduce strictly women-focused content. Content is updated at least every three months, helping Lincoln’s brand establish trust and grow favorability.

As part of a client-facing site, Women Take Charge has enabled Lincoln Financial to engage in more personal conversations with women directly—beyond working with intermediaries, such as wholesalers and financial advisors. The page has thus enabled us to focus on women through all touch points—Lincoln Financial, intermediaries, and clients—providing content that is timely, relevant, and tailored to them.

Women Take Charge now accounts for about 16 percent of all traffic to Lincoln Financial’s Chief Life Officer microsite.