In 2014, The Hartford established a goal to integrate D&I more fully into the organization’s talent management and succession planning processes with an initiative called call Talent Reviews.

For the program’s inaugural Talent Review cycle, diversity personnel worked with business leaders and their HR partners to identify employees that could 1) benefit from, and add value to, external initiatives such as diversity conferences, recruiting events, and speaking engagements; 2) take on leadership roles in either Employee Resource Groups, aligned nonprofits, or diversity partner organizations; or 3) participate in a targeted development program such as mentorship or a career development initiative.

This year, more than 100 Hartford employees were identified through this process and are actively participating in Hartford’s internal and external D&I initiatives.

Not only does the Talent Review cycle provide rich experiences for diverse top talent, but it also helps with recruitment and retention, says Kristen Beyers, Diversity and Inclusion Manager for Human Resources at The Hartford.

“Potential employees are approaching Hartford teammates at diversity events discussing career opportunities and sharing resumes, so it’s working from a talent acquisition perspective,” she said. “And, at a recent industry focused women’s conference, The Hartford sent a group of women from across the business and had them network externally at the event as brand ambassadors. The results have been powerful so far.”