Success in today’s market hinges on innovation. But while it’s been shown that diversity enhances innovation, many organizations struggle to cultivate the “right mix” of elements to create a springboard for it.

Booz Allen Hamilton’s mix focuses on three key areas: Driving inclusive behaviors that nurture innovation; fostering communication and providing avenues to share and develop ideas; and selecting the best ideas to drive forward.

All three key areas are supported by notable initiatives, from an Inclusive Leadership Toolkit that helps drive inclusive leadership behaviors, to agendas, forums, and events to foster communication. But the third key element in the mix—selecting the best ideas to drive forward—gains its support through a new business unit.

Booz Allen’s Strategic Innovation Group (SIG) is a breeding ground for breakthrough innovation and a way to share new thinking, new ideas, and new concepts with clients. It draws from a dynamic, imaginative team of around 1,500 creative thinkers who are driving change across markets with breakthrough ideas in areas from Next-gen Analytics to Cloud Computing and Data Science.

“It is our proving ground and the model which is showcasing just how much diversity and inclusion contributes to the development of ideas and solutions that can drive better results for our clients,” says Rosemarie Allen, Booz Allen Global Diversity & Inclusion Lead. ““By linking diversity and innovation we are expanding the conversation from a traditional diversity lens to a direct tie between diversity and positive business impact.”