2015 Diversity Leader

Headquarters: Tampa, Florida
CEO: John Wilson
Employees: 350

Recent Recognition Includes:

  • Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work Employees’ Choice Awards, 2015
  • In-house Recruitment Award for Best Candidate Experience, 2014
  • Tampa Bay Times, Top Workplaces, 2014
  • HRO Today’s RPO Baker’s Dozen, 2013 and 2014

Marisol Hughes

Marisol Hughes

To be successful, no firm can afford to waste talent, stifle creativity, or turn a deaf ear to a new idea, says Marisol Hughes, Senior Director of Corporate Affairs and General Counsel.

“Diversity and inclusion inform our long-term strategy and daily activities at WilsonHCG. We know that each and every employee can bring new ideas to the table, and that a diversity of ideas is necessary for innovation and growth. The talented people who make WilsonHCG what it is are constantly encouraged to voice their opinions and share their ideas. And we have many initiatives and projects in place to stimulate these ideas and facilitate the sharing process.

“We encourage employees to be active participants in the firm. By choosing to join one or more of our many committees, employees have endless opportunities to expand their professional portfolios and help determine the firm’s direction. They include committees that deal with diversity recruiting, university recruiting, veteran recruiting, and employee engagement, as well as a brand ambassador and subject matter expert program, a mentor program, and more.

“While these groups foster engagement and diversity, there will always be questions that arise. To ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, our CEO holds periodic companywide conference calls, where employees can ask any questions and share any ideas. An online portal is also available to employees who may prefer to share questions or concerns anonymously.

“WilsonHCG’s employees, from executives to interns, are all involved in diversity and inclusion work. To support and encourage that universal participation, our employee engagement team develops initiatives that encourage diverse thinking and involve everyone.”