One Goal: To Remain Workforce Diversity’s Most Vocal Advocate


We all have a preferred method of communication, and each is unique.

We all have a preferred method of communication, and each is unique.

Email. Message. Text. Blogs. Posts. Videos. The way people get information today is has changed in a big way.

At Profiles in Diversity Journal, our mission has always been to help workplaces communicate their journey, celebrate their milestones, and recognize their trailblazers. For over 17 years, we’ve been very vocal advocates for those corporations who are authentically committed to making their culture equitable and inclusive.

But we knew in order to make our voice—and theirs—heard in the new communications landscape required a fresh approach.

So that’s exactly what we have set out to create for 2015: a fresh approach to engaging employees, stakeholders and candidates.

See our new editorial calendar and media kit here.

After nearly two decades of publishing one of the most respected magazines in workforce diversity, we set out to totally reimagine it…to find ways to connect with people that are more relevant and sharable…while preserving the unique features that had always made this magazine such a valuable tool and resource to organizations around the globe.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be launching a new site and getting our first print issue for 2015 into your hands—the Spring issue, to reflect our new quarterly print schedule. And that’s when the real fun begins, because our new publishing model helps us connect with your audiences, faster:

  • We’ve gone to a quarterly print model that allows us to publish to our site first…so your news, stories, and inclusion in our most popular features can be shared sooner and when they’re most relevant.
  • Our new, improved website will have content channels to provide readers easier access to more stories on relevant workplace initiatives or issues—much like Amazon’s “Customers Who Viewed This Also Viewed” feature. This means every story has more potential to engage passive candidates!
  • Thanks to the suggestions of readers like you, we’ve also reorganized and refocused our most popular recognition features and awards, like Women Worth Watching. (In fact, nominations are now open!)
  • And our new site will be mobile- and tablet-optimized. Diversity Journal will be available wherever your stakeholders search for information!

We’ve also created more outstanding opportunities for our advertising partners and sponsors to connect with their stakeholders and candidates. Offerings like dedicated sponsor pages, job feeds to help meet compliance needs, and personalized editorial support will make a relationship with our publication much more valuable.

It’s an exciting time for us at Diversity Journal, and the promise of reaching even more people makes long days with “nose to the grindstone” so much more fulfilling! We’d like to thank our readers, sponsors and editorial partners for their support and patience during this transition. And we look forward to continue being workforce diversity’s most vocal advocate.