Peter P. Bevacqua

Peter P. Bevacqua
CEO, The PGA of America

Headquarters: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Education: Georgetown University Law Center, J.D cum laude;
University of Notre Dame, BA, English magna cum laude
First Job: caddie, Bedford Golf & Tennis Club
What I’m Reading: The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism by Doris Kearns Goodwin
Best Advice: Work very hard, but enjoy life and what you do.

“I view “leadership” as a verb because true leadership requires leading by example. A leader’s actions, not his or her words, will inspire staff members.”

Embracing Diversity Helps Us Grow Our Game

The PGA of America is the world’s largest sports organization, representing more than 28,000 golf professionals across the United States. The inherent diversity and natural cross-sections evident in our membership allow the PGA of America to employ diversity as a key catalyst for growing the game. While our membership hails from a myriad of backgrounds, our organization must continue to emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion if we are to successfully grow the game, create more jobs, and achieve a better quality of life for our members.

PGA REACH, the charitable wing of the PGA of America, embraces and supports the PGA’s association-wide emphasis on growing the game through diversity. Behind its three pillars of Youth, Military, and Diversity & Inclusion, PGA REACH strives to make the game of golf more inclusive, specifically to individuals with disabilities and those who otherwise would not have access to the game. One of its youth-based strategic initiatives is PGA Junior League Golf, which includes boys and girls under the age of thirteen who participate in golf’s version of Little League. PGA Junior League Golf has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past few years, in part, because its unique design builds camaraderie among friends and families who have the opportunity to play golf and have fun together as a team.

I do not view managing a diverse workforce as a challenge; in fact, the PGA of America’s diverse workforce serves as a tremendous asset. We can only be successful in serving our members and growing the game if we, collectively and consistently, draw from the perspectives of a plethora of individuals, such as our Headquarters and Section staffs, and our members. Our leadership team prides itself on listening to and internalizing a variety of viewpoints. This enables us to approach each situation from numerous healthy perspectives and, ultimately, to make the best decision possible.

I view “leadership” as a verb because true leadership requires leading by example. A leader’s actions, not his or her words, will inspire staff members. With this in mind, I am proud that PGA professionals are leaders at their respective golf facilities. They demonstrate their unique skill sets and unparalleled leadership abilities by being the first employee at the golf course each morning and, often, the last employee to leave each night.