635561577558088171-175464726For Veterans looking to connect to recruiters and other job-seeking Veterans with insight to share, there’s a tool to put in your belt.

A social media site—one dedicated to doing just that—has just upgraded its connection tools so that Veterans can be easily identified by recruiters, as well as find, follow and confer with other Veterans in order to share resources and opportunities.

Called Jobcase (www.jobcase.com), this site applies social media applications to the job search and provides one place to manage all things job-related, especially access to knowledgeable connections that can help Veterans and other job seekers find and land the right job. Jobcase technology powers over 100 job sites, connecting more than 40 million workers and employers.

Jobcase is free to use for both jobseekers and employers.

The new functionality gives Veteran members the ability to highlight their service on their profile, simplifying an employer’s ability to identify them.  The updated member profile will now have an option for military service that can be selected, resulting in an American flag placed in the lower right side of their profile photo.

Once the icon is added to the Jobcase profile, it also makes it easy for jobseekers to find and follow other Veterans. The new “Follow” functionality is available for all Jobcase members, allowing them to follow another Jobcaser or a particular conversation. Jobcase will also be adding the ability to create “Groups” so that members can easily find others with common skills, job experience or goals to create smaller, more relevant communities. The “Groups” functionality will launch in June, allowing job-seeking Veterans to connect with one another and also simplify an employer’s ability to work with Veterans.

“With Memorial Day around the corner, we wanted to honor our Veterans and show our appreciation for their service both on Memorial day, but year-round as well,” said Fred Goff, CEO of Jobcase. “Not only is it the right thing to do, but many employers are anxious to hire Veterans as they understand that Veterans are trained to be part of a cohesive team and can be counted on to perform well under pressure.  America is blessed with over 21 million Veterans who have bravely put service to their country first. It is not acceptable that over half a million of them remain unemployed, and many more are underemployed. Jobcasers are anxious to help address this issue.”

Jobcase is an industry affiliated partner of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, CSAIL. For more information, visit jobcase.com.