Integrating Workforce, Workplace and Marketplace

As a leading staffing agency, Aerotek ULC continues at the forefront of the industry as a trailblazer in recruiting, retaining and developing a high performing workplace by weaving diversity and inclusion into the fabric of its organization.

Aerotek’s National Diversity and Inclusion Strategy inspires opportunities for growth, development and leadership across its workforce, workplace and marketplace. The result is having a positive impact on its contractors and employees.

As part of its strategy, the company’s leadership participated in TWI’s Equitable Leadership Assessment to identify individual behaviors through feedback from direct reports, peers and managers. The results culminated in individual development plans for enhancing inclusive leadership competencies for Aerotek’s employees and strengthening the overall organization.

Aerotek President Todd Mohr commented in CEO in Action Profiles, “Leaders deliver honest, real-time coaching and feedback, and recognize that doing so is important not only to help each employee succeed in the now, but also help him or her build a successful future.”

Leadership Responsibilities

The company identifies three integral responsibilities that are critical for leadership in diversity:

Building Relationships: “Great leaders recognize their obligation to do two things – put the needs of their employees before their own and truly understand the people around them,” Mohr states. He emphasizes this is more than mere mechanics of and employees role, it is a genuine sense of why that person has chosen to do that job, their motivations, definition of success and unique skills.

Managing with Intention: In addition to valuing employees and peers strengths and passions, Aerotek believes it is about applying those attributes to the needs of the organizations.

Leading with Courage:Without an invested, foundational relationship that instills trust and accountability, managing would be difficult, but leading would be impossible,” Mohr states.

Ongoing Partnerships

All leadership attends Diversity Champion Training and are trained on unconscious bias awareness. Earlier this year, the company hosted a Women in Leadership Town Hall to discuss concerns and gain feedback from its employees. Aerotek maintains an ongoing partnership with the Women’s Executive Network, offering professional development events and executive coaching. The company is also works in partnership with the Mississauga Board of Trade’s Women’s Leadership Forum to create two annual professional development events for the community.

Quarterly, its D&I board members drive awareness and education across Canada through the creation of D&I Topic Kits. One topic kit this year was: How High Performance Individuals & Teams Achieve Success in Work & Life. Employees shared their experiences with work/life balance in order to guide and mentor others.

By partnering with a variety of organizations supporting the underemployed and disadvantaged, Aerotek strives to help all people reach their full potential. Aerotek ULC headquarters are based in Ontario, Canada.