Capital One recognizes its people, culture and customers contribute equal parts to its success. The company has an award-winning history for its commitment to innovation, leadership, diversity and community service.

Standing behind its statement that it’s the differences between people that make us stronger, Capital One is steadfast in its commitment to making diversity an integral part of the way the company does business. As part of this, the Capital One African American Career Networks’ Magellan Program was in such high demand this year that they added a second program to their offerings.

Magellan focuses on attracting success-minded junior to mid-level associates and equipping them with the tools required to successfully manage and enhance their careers. The program is geared toward increasing awareness of the resources available, identifying internal and external obstacles to achieving career goals, and promoting continual improvement through structured self-discovery and reflection. The emphasis is on connecting, educating and empowering participants.

“I’ve noticed a positive impact on all the participants in the program. People who were a bit timid on the first day came to graduation with their heads held high and energized. Knowing that the company is willing to invest in their development makes the Magellan participants excited to come to work, move the needle on their deliverables, and even motivated to share their learnings with others,” said Khary Scott, Capitol One Vice President of U.S. Card Partnerships and Accountable Executive of the African American Network

Balancing Career Plans

As part of the program, each Magellan participant is paired with a cohort team and leader whose provide education regarding professional best practices. Participants are introduced to a cross-section of senior executives through a series of workshops focused on self-reflection, personal branding, networking, and presentation skills. Participants learn how to balance short-term and long-term career plans with day-to-day physical and emotional stresses.

The resulting effect of the program is a more connected, more grounded, more deliberate career-minded associate. “This mindset is empowering and typically results in a greater than 40 percent promotion rate for participants,” according to Capital One’s Media Relations Director Julie Rakes. Since 2007, nearly 400 associates have graduated from Magellan.

“Through sessions on effective networking and career planning, I am now more confident when I make new connections. The African American Network’s Magellan Program has provided me the skills and resources to take charge of my own development,” said Rosetta Wimbush, Trainer, US Card and 2015 Magellan graduate.

The Magellan Blueprint

Other associate networks within the firm have studied the Magellan blueprint, including its Hispanic, military, and Asian networks. Externally, Magellan has been shared with other major corporations who have similar interests.

As part of its D & I strategy, the company is committed to creating mutually beneficial relationships with minority, women, disability and LGBT owned businesses. It also identifies and encourages diverse businesses to compete for commodities and services throughout the Capital One enterprise.

Capital One has received national D&I recognition in a variety of areas in recent years. Established in 1994, Capital One has grown into a diversified bank with one of the most widely recognized brands in America. The company has a history of innovation, from its early days as a small bank division to its current status as a world-class Fortune 500 company.