Lane Hopkins

Lane S. Hopkins
Capital One Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Capital One
Headquarters: McLean, VA
Business: Financial Services
CEO: Richard D. Fairbank
Employees: 42,243 (US)


The more diverse the crowd, the more wisdom you generate. Capital One is a frontrunner in this area with across-the-board accountability for diversity and inclusion practices.

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Lane S. Hopkins’ team is creating valued opportunities that are opening doors for every Capital One employee to feel included, engaged, empowered and motivated. “Our goal is to generate the broadest possible range of ideas, and create exactly what our customers need. Inclusion is how we’ll succeed, for our customers and for our business,” Hopkins said.

“We all need to shift the conversation to focus on inclusion instead of solely on diversity. We’ll continue fostering diversity (meaning ensuring broad representation), but we’ll only truly succeed if an inclusive environment welcomes everyone to the team,” she added.

Hopkins describes inclusion as creating an environment where all individuals are understood, valued and respected. “Inclusion fosters collaboration, innovation and excellence and helps us reach our full potential and feel connected as associates,” she said.


The biggest D&I opportunity Capital One is tackling is demonstrating the critical role allies play in building cultures and environments that welcome everyone. “Like many large organizations, we have employee resource groups that each center on an underrepresented segment.

“In 2016, my team’s internal focus is inclusion, starting with an educational campaign this first quarter. We’re addressing inclusion as a way to affect change in our organization, with a goal of turning some of the majority into advocates,” she said.

Lane identifies allies and advocates as change agents on the path to inclusion. “So we need Hispanics joining our Asian Network. Heterosexuals in our LGBT Network. And yes, men in our Women’s Network. When we understand each other better, we’re more comfortable inviting diverse points of view,” she added.

From the outset, Capital One has worked to build and maintain a culture that values diversity and provides a supportive business environment offering opportunity, respect and encourages inclusion. “To get the best and most creative thinking, people need to bring their whole selves to work. If you’re leaving a part of yourself outside our doors, we’re not going to get your best ideas. We must include people with diverse experiences, backgrounds and perspectives; the ingenuity born of broad-spectrum thinking is key in creating the best products and services for our customers,” Lane said. “We want to win in the marketplace, and our success depends on having a workforce that reflects our customer base,” she added.


Capital One’s corporate D&I Team is comprised of 12 members. Its D&I Advisory Board is made up of representatives coming from the corporate D&I Team, diversity leads for each line of business, and other key stakeholders.

The company has seven Associate Networks; each championed by an Executive Committee member, an Accountable Executive and a National Lead. Allies are a key component for driving engagement through its Associate Networks. It also has 78 local chapters across these Associate Networks. Approximately 33,000 of its employees participate in one or more of the networks.

Members of its D&I Advisory Board share regular updates with their respective functional areas. The line-of-business diversity leaders also provide updates to their respective areas on progress for their particular business-centric D&I strategies and programs. Many lines-of-business also have their own Diversity Council, comprised of executives from their specific area.


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