CEO: John Wilson
Headquarters: Tampa, Florida

Strategies for New Ways of Thinking

WilsonHCG is stretching the boundaries on traditional diversity and inclusion practices through innovative strategies that include new ways of thinking.

As a leader in the global talent services space, WilsonHCG produces thought leadership documents and shares the knowledge with its clients and the community at large. It produces whitepapers, videos and at-a-glance sheets on this subject. Among the more recent ones are a whitepaper on Cultural Transformation: A Radical Rethink of Diversity and Inclusion, and sheets on Canadian Gender Equality in the Workplace.

With a focus on diversity of thought, the company’s internal Inclusion Committee meets regularly to develop programming for the company and provide support and expertise to practitioners who are facing diversity and inclusion requests from their clients. The group leads training for new hires and hosts programs throughout the year.

In further exploring the dimensions of diversity and inclusion in other thought leadership areas, WilsonHCG has produced whitepapers on employment branding, strategic workforce planning and global succession planning.

To educate leaders in the HR space on the benefits of inclusion in the workplace, the company has hosted multiple think tanks on diversity and inclusion, across different regions. At the events, HR leaders explored innovative best practices and strategies for pushing the boundaries in new thinking. The events included open-forum discussions held to share best practices for linking diversity and inclusion to business outcomes as well as how to connect equality, diversity and inclusion to workforce planning. Additionally, the groups discussed how to create a habitat for cultural transformation to enable employees to feel more empowered.