CEO: Ted Mathas
Headquarters: New York, New York

Innovative Communications Program Enhancing Leadership Skills

Through an innovative communications program, New York Life Insurance Company is enhancing leadership skills at all levels through voice and presence.

The company’s Show Up, Speak Up, Stand Out Program launched in 2016 with a simple observation from women senior leaders: junior women were struggling to use their voices.
More specifically, junior women appeared reluctant to voice their opinions during meetings. While their contributions were intelligent and well thought out, they only provided their input when directly asked.

Based on the observations, the company’s Women’s Initiative Employee Resource Group (TWI), developed Show Up, Speak Up, Stand Out. In partnership with the company’s Talent Development Team, the program launched in 2016 as a structured 9-month multi-faceted self-development program. It leverages existing career development tools for an innovative and dynamic program.

Participants attend internal speaker events, receive instructor-led courses, e-learning training sessions and written materials on executive presence. They also have access to individual coaching opportunities. The program has three modules:

  • Show Up – Building personal presence, gravitas and accountability. This is a private internet site for virtual coaching, feedback, peer leadership and support. It also includes small group sessions with senior leaders.
  • Speak up – Using your authentic voice to create impact in the work place. This includes a Stand & Deliver session and topics on business acumen and presentations.
  • Stand out – Building empowerment through the expansion of business knowledge and influence. It includes interactive sessions on conflict resolution, persuasion and strategic diplomacy.

The program further focuses on the development of key workplace relationships among peers, subordinates and senior leaders. Participants have opportunities to present on various areas of the company’s business and receive robust feedback.