CEO: D. Bryan Jordan
Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee

Using Data to Drive Business Results

First Horizon National Corp. recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion. As its customers and communities continue to become more diverse, the company is reinforcing the significance of diversity and inclusion as a key business imperative.

The company’s combined diversity and inclusion strategy for workforce, workplace and marketplace centers around a simple equation: Diversity + Affinity = Inclusion. It focuses on people’s inward similarities as opposed to outward differences.

To better help its leaders understand the diversity of their teams and customers, the company partners with technology experts to provide reporting, data analytics and insights for making better business decisions.

Key highlights for 2016 include diversity staffing maps, a new supplier diversity database, increased engagement with executive leaders, customer roundtables, and an enhanced recruiting process being developed to help hiring managers diversify external sources for talent.

Executive leaders use diversity staffing maps to create transparency and awareness of team diversity, hiring trends and promotions. The maps are used to create talent pipeline reports and development plans. They also display marketplace diversity to ensure the diversity of teams reflect the marketplace. These map insights have led to hiring of more diverse staff in key customer facing roles and to the acquisition of diverse customers resulting in annual revenues exceeding $500K in 2016.

To foster affinity and connections among diverse associates, First Horizon also leverages existing platforms like its nationally recognized Emerging Leaders Program, Employee Resource Groups and its Mentoring Program.