CEO: Chuck Robbins
Headquarters: San Jose, California

Leveraging Technology and Inclusion

What does it mean for a 10-year old with cancer to be able to continue attending the school she loves while getting lifesaving treatment hundreds of miles away? Everything. For 5th grader Peyton Walton. For her family. And for Cisco and the passionate team of experts who came together to leverage technology to break down barriers and create innovative new solutions for inclusion in the classroom and beyond.

From the beginning of her treatment, Peyton and her mother Lynn had struggled with the limited options for attending school daily. After tackling roadblocks with her healthcare providers, local legislation, and school district, Peyton and Lynn were connected with Cisco.

The company provided a turn-key system for video collaboration to allow Peyton to participate with her class virtually, from her home or from the hospital. The collaboration technology helped her stay connected academically and remain engaged and feel included with teachers, friends, and a social network. Peyton’s teacher described the experience as, “It’s almost like she’s sitting in the room with you…it was very exciting.”

Giving Peyton the opportunity to be included in the classroom had a huge impact on her treatment. Her story – and the collaboration that made it possible – have opened up a world of possibilities for Cisco.

The company is building on a commitment to leverage technology and inclusion beyond its organization by creating a team called Connected Health and Education. The mission is bridging the worlds of education, healthcare, government/legislation and technology in order to connect everything, collaborate everywhere, and benefit everyone.