CEO: Richard D. Fairbank
Headquarters: McLean, Virginia

Commitment to Inclusive Culture

Capital One launched its Powered by Perspective campaign in 2016 to raise awareness within the company and across the industry about its commitment to an inclusive culture. The campaign uses real associate stories to show how a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives drives innovation.

As part of the campaign, associates from across the company in different roles and from a variety of backgrounds shared their stories and the tools they use to find success at work. The stories are shared on the company’s external website and through its intranet site, encouraging ongoing discussion about embracing differences and leveraging unique qualities to meet the needs of its customers.

Lines of business across the enterprise shared the campaign through emails and newsletters. Leaders blogged, wrote letters and uploaded videos motivating their teams to get involved.

The campaign asked associates to:

  • Share their own story and toolkit on the intranet
  • Become a member or ally to a business resource group
  • Download the inclusion app for resource group event information
  • Explore the diversity & inclusion digital learning library
  • Visit the new external inclusion site

The Shaping Today section of site offers an overview of business resource groups (African American, Asian, CapAbilities, Hispanic, LGBT, Military and Women) and connection groups (Adoption, Autism Spectrum, Microfinance, Parent and Virtual Team). Commitment to supplier diversity and the D&I leadership structure are also included along with a letter from the chief diversity & inclusion officer. Capital One’s D&I digital learning library and enterprise mentoring programs are on the “Inspiring Tomorrow” section of the website. The success of the associate-driven Women in Technology initiative and $150 million Future Edge community grant program are also outlined there.