Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson
Director, Diversity and Inclusion

United States Olympic Committee
Headquarters: Colorado Springs, CO
Business: Sports
Employees:  474
Website: teamusa.org

Philosophy: Diversity makes us better, Inclusion makes US.

As the steward of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements in the United States, the U.S. Olympic Committee recognizes the need to achieve increased diversity.  “Our continued success in the future depends on ensuring the inclusion of all American citizens,” Thompson said.

The USOC is the first large sport organization to release its diversity numbers in a scorecard, which offers a candid, public assessment of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic family’s commitment to diversity. It differentiates from other programs, in that it also measures the inclusion of disability and military veterans at every level of the USOC and each of the 52 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic NGBs and HPMOs.

The USOC is committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace, sports infrastructure and fan base. With a unique opportunity to create synergies between sports and diversity, the USOC is the only large sports organization in the United States committed to athletes with disabilities and women on an international level in a variety of sports. It is also an actively engaged partner in a global movement that unites various cultures, races and religions in the spirit of completion and peace. “This kind of collaboration is helping bridge the gap between all sports leagues in order to move the needle on D&I in sports,” Thompson said.