Jo Anne Hill

Jo Anne Hill
Director of Diversity & Engagement

Headquarters: Columbus, Georgia
Business: Insurance
CEO: Daniel P. Amos

JO ANNE HILL Shares Her D&I Views

“Greatness is only achieved when team members are free to embrace their individual uniqueness and are encouraged to celebrate our team’s diversity.”

The D&I Effect

“D&I’s opportunity for the greatest impact within the organization is among millennials, who make up 40 percent of Aflac’s workforce. This generation desires to serve, and finds fulfillment by giving back. Focusing on finding common ground, innovation, and teamwork will propel organizations.

“I see the most synergies among millennials and on Aflac’s Diversity Council. For instance, millennial Council members suggested a game for Diversity Week focused on technology changes across generations. Employees of all backgrounds and experiences participated and, as a result of playing, we realized that we have more in common than we initially thought. The game was well-received and became a new addition to our diversity programming.”

Successes in 2017

“Aflac’s 2017 Engagement Survey showed an increase in employee engagement of one percent compared to 2015, and an overall D&I score of 91 percent. And in March 2017, we launched a Diversity and Engagement class for new and recently promoted managers, including senior leaders and executives. Nearly 100 people have participated in the class.

“Aflac’s chief people officer and I are working with Aflac Japan’s Diversity and Promotion Office to ensure that 30 percent of their leadership positions will be held by women by 2020. With 24 percent of leadership positions currently held by women, we are on pace to meet our goal.

“We hosted Aflac’s 2017 Women in Leadership Global Conference. Attended by Japan-based female Aflac employees, the Conference featured lectures, panel discussions, and workshops led by female Aflac leaders from the U.S. and Japan.

“Diversity Councils in the U.S. and Japan meet quarterly via a telepresence call to share ideas, workplace cultures, and programming. Recently, 20 Aflac- Japan managers participated in a U.S. seminar program called the Home Stay Program. They met with senior leaders to gain a deeper understanding of Aflac’s U.S. vision and strategy. Participants experienced The Aflac Way, our corporate culture that binds us together as one Aflac, regardless of where we are located.”

Looking Ahead to 2018

“In 2018, I’ll be reviewing succession plans for diversity and looking at ways to improve our D&I engagement score from 91 percent to 93 percent in 2019. Aflac’s 2018 diversity symposium is slated for late 2018.”