Marisol Hughes

Marisol Hughes
EVP of People Operations

Headquarters: Tampa, Florida
Business: Professional Services
CEO: John Wilson

Shares Her D&I Views

“Our people drive change, innovation, growth, and culture. In turn, all of our people must be celebrated for their uniqueness and differences, and be empowered and inspired to bring their ideas, experiences, and practices to life within our organization and throughout the communities we serve.”

How My Role Has Evolved

“Over the past few years, WilsonHCG has doubled in size and now has more than 700 employees spread across six continents. This growth has brought about some challenges, but hasn’t changed our goals: as we enter new and expanding markets, we continue to seek out the most diverse, passionate, and motivated talent from widely diverse backgrounds and cultures. In brief, it’s caused us to double down on our core values and workplace culture, while increasing our commitment to diversity.

“I have seen my role expand as the team continues to grow and we reach across new geographies. I believe that actualizing the talents of our people depends on building a highly diverse workforce by recruiting people from all over the world—from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and genders—and empowering them through inclusive initiatives.

“Moving forward, we will focus on women in leadership roles, continuing efforts specific to LGBT awareness, and entering new markets where we will be working to hire, develop, and empower people.”

Achievements in 2017

“Leadership launched Wilson Pulse, a channel through which our people can provide regular, transparent feedback that employs anonymous surveys. This initiative has been developed to hold leadership accountable, inspire new ideas at all levels, and ensure WilsonHCG remains an exceptional place to work. To be the best we can be as a company, all of our people need to be heard.

“WilsonHCG employees have developed many programs to foster an inclusive culture, including the WilsonHCG Global Wellness Program, created to encourage healthy habits and community outreach efforts. The program is built on four pillars: Health, Financial Well-Being, Work-Life Balance, and Exercise. Such initiatives keep our employees engaged, especially since our workforce develops and drives these efforts.”

Our Next Steps

“Diversity and inclusion is not just about numbers. It’s about hiring professionals from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences to challenge the status quo. As we kick off 2018, our goal specific to diversity and inclusion will remain the same. We will seek to grow and empower our workforce in a way that brings in new ideas, new backgrounds, new geographies, new points of view, and new cultures and ethnicities.”