Patty Arvielo

Patty Arvielo

New American Funding
Headquarters: Tustin, California
Business: Financial Services
CEO: Rick Arvielo


“We can fill a boardroom with a mosaic of diversity, but unless we have inclusion, that mosaic will be good for appearance only.

“With the prevalence of social-media consumption, especially among Latinos, serving this market and developing a personal brand online has taken on new importance. Forging ahead in terms of how to use today’s relationship-building tools, as well as operational tech tools like mobile apps, has become a stronger focus over the past few years.”

The D&I Effect

“D&I’s opportunity for greatest impact within the organization is in attracting and onboarding a diverse workforce, then incorporating their innovations into the way we do business. Having a well-rounded workforce equips us to properly serve a variety of markets.”

My Evolving Role

“My role and my goals have changed over the past five years. I have learned to adapt to the increasingly digital way loans are done, and to being a mentor for others learning the new technology. As president of New American Funding, and an active participant in the advancement of the housing industry, my focus is on finding solutions as new challenges arise—in the community or in the company.”

Achievements in 2017

“Our successes for advancing D&I are evident in the company’s workforce composition, and the implementation of NAFOVATOR, a program, which invites all New American Funding employees to contribute ideas directly to me for consideration and possible implementation. In less than two months, we have received 36 employee submissions.

“We are also pleased to report that, in 2017, 58 percent of New American Funding employees are women, 43 percent are minorities, and 34 percent are millennials.”

Our Goals for 2018

“Our objective for 2018 for the advancement of diversity and inclusion is to continue on the trajectory we established this year. We will continue to work toward greater diversity in our workforce and evolve our NAF360 program to ensure that employees feel valued at work and balanced in life, and are treated with 360 degrees of respect. We will also continue our New American Dream program, through which we identify and remove roadblocks that may prevent members of our communities from achieving homeownership.”