David Korunic

David Korunic

Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance
Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand
Business: Life Insurance
CEO: Roger Deacon
Website: www.krungthai-axa.co.th/en


“When it comes to our people, “KTAXA values uniqueness and diversity, and is proud that our staff members are able to be themselves. We want to bring out the best in our employees, as we firmly believe that great people build great companies.”

D&I’s Challenges and Impact

“Along the Diversity and Inclusion journey, the most important challenge has been to educate leadership, management, and staff about the unconscious biases we all have. For example, people may have the unconscious bias toward people with disabilities or LGBT. These beliefs can impact the company’s ability to attract the best job candidates, relate to customers, and ultimately, to be successful as a business.

“KTAXA has not developed and implemented its D&I Strategy in order to adhere to corporate policy or government regulations, but because it is the right thing to do. Everyone deserves to be treated equally and fairly, and to have the opportunity to succeed in life.”

D&I Achievements in 2017

“In term of KTAXA’s 2017 D&I successes, there are some we are especially proud of. KTAXA was selected from among many major Asian companies (one of two AXA entities chosen), to share LGBT inclusion practices during The Economist’s recent Pride and Prejudice event in Hong Kong. KTAXA also was selected to share its people-with-disabilities best practices at Disability Matters Asia-Pac 2017, held in India and organized by Springboard Consulting. In November 2017, KTAXA was invited by the AXA group to share its LGBT inclusion practices at the head office in Paris.

“Diversity and inclusion has become an integral part of the KTAXA culture. Employees at all levels, and across the organization, view their day-to-day activities, and their overall strategies, through a diversity lens.”

Looking Ahead to 2018

“In 2018, KTAXA will focus on the Thai marketplace, and view all parts of the business through a diversity lens, with the aim of creating an impact on Thai society. In order to achieve this, KTAXA will share its D&I best practices and form partnerships with the private sector. For example, KTAXA will host the LGBT business network in Bangkok and use existing resources within the organization to educate the wider community.

“Near the end of each year, KTAXA holds an annual sharing session with C-suite leaders, where they make key decisions regarding how to integrate D&I into their department strategy for the coming year. KTAXA then allocates resources to ensure that the following year’s strategy can be implemented across the organization.”