Lesley Slaton Brown

Lesley Slaton Brown

HP Inc.
Headquarters: Palo Alto, California
Business: Technology
CEO: Dion Weisler
Website: www.hpe.com


“At HP, we embed diversity and inclusion in all we do. It’s both how we operate and a mindset. We all play a role, we are all accountable. Disrupt systems and processes to eradicate bias. We are driving a ‘BIG’ strategy, where our employees Belong, Innovate, and Grow.

“The diversity of our workforce reflects the diversity of our customers and partners. By celebrating our differences, we bring unique experiences and perspectives to bear on our capabilities and expertise. This helps us deliver products and services that work for everyone, everywhere.

“Our focus now… Reinventing the Standard for Diversity!”

The CDO Role at HP

“When HP Inc. formed as a new and independent Fortune 100 company in 2015, we made a concerted effort to build this company with diversity and inclusion at its core, starting with establishing a new board of directors to guide us. We’re proud that HP’s board has been recognized as the most diverse board of directors of any U.S. tech company, and this leadership continues to push our company to approach diversity and inclusion in a new direction.

“As chief diversity officer at HP, my focus has been to elevate the D&I conversation, embed diversity and inclusion in all we do, and gain support and advocacy from our company leaders. I’m also working to educate all HP team members regarding the bottom-line business impacts and benefits of D&I, align D&I to support our business strategy, and disrupt and eradicate systemic bias.”

A New Journey

“In 2017, HP launched a campaign with a drive to increase our underrepresented populations. We call this new journey ‘Reinvent Mindsets’ because we want to make it clear that, just as our business reinvents how our customers live, work, and play, we are also reinventing how we think about diversity and inclusion. Reinvent Mindsets comprises ongoing internal training, new measurement tools and other efforts, but focuses on two areas we think haven’t gotten the attention they deserve.”

Setting the Standard

“As we approach 2018, our objectives are to expand our reach, increase accountability, and move from awareness to action. We will focus on executing with excellence, applying a growth mindset, continuing to push boundaries, and innovating. We will also continue to be the company that reinvents the standard of diversity in our industry and beyond.”