Marisol Hughes

Marisol Hughes
EVP and General Counsel

Headquarters: Tampa, FL
Business: Professional Services

At WilsonHCG, diversity and inclusion is not seen as an initiative to be executed. It’s a mindset, one that must be ingrained and integrated throughout the entire workforce. Toward this end, the firm empowers its workforce to drive D&I, from the C-Suite to entry-level employees.

The firm believes that having highly diverse people from all over the world—from different backgrounds, cultures, upbringings, disabilities, ethnicities, and genders—is more than a good thing. In fact, it is imperative. WilsonHCG empowers employees through inclusive initiatives. For example, if they are interested in volunteering and learning, the company offers quarterly training on a variety of inclusion topics—most recently, LGBTQ awareness and appreciation.

The year 2018 was momentous for diversity and inclusion awareness at WilsonHCG. The #MeToo movement kept this important topic firmly in the spotlight. It helped raise awareness and create plenty of opportunity to collaborate with clients on developing engaging D&I strategies.

WilsonHCG is a diverse group of innovators, coaches, collaborators, and philanthropists, working as a united front to disrupt and transform the talent landscape. Better People, Better Business® isn’t just the company motto. It is the firm’s philosophy and the direct result of people pushing each other to be better—for one another, for clients, and for the larger community. Employing the best people directly correlates with providing the best services.

In 2019, WilsonHCG will be focusing efforts on women in leadership roles and increasing LGBTQ awareness. CEO John Wilson and Marisol Hughes, EVP and general counsel, and others are making D&I central to the company’s strategic vision and a key business objective.

“Diversity and inclusion is about valuing every individual in an organization,” explains Hughes. “Every person matters and deserves the chance to develop their skills and work in a respectful, inclusive environment. To encourage individuals at all levels within an organization to contribute ideas freely, WilsonHCG builds its culture on an open and transparent foundation. This is critical not only to maintain an engaged workforce, but to also exceed customer expectations. People should be able to thrive in the workplace simply by being who they are.”