Lynne Walker

Lynne Walker
Executive Vice President & Director of Affinity Strategy

First Horizon National Corporation
Headquarters: Memphis, Tennessee
Industry: Financial Services/Banking
CEO: D. Bryan Jordan

Her Credentials: bachelor’s degree, economics and sociology, Duke University

Her Philosophy: Diversity + Affinity = Inclusion. Through this equation, the goal is to advance and support bank-wide strategies, tactics, and goals to ensure workforce, workplace, and marketplace recognition as best in class for diversity and inclusion.

In 2019, First Horizon diversity team achieved considerable success in the areas of data analytics and hiring; and the use of enhanced diversity staffing maps demonstrated that diverse candidate slates level the playing field for underrepresented employees.

For white females and people of color, hires and promotions increased from 40 percent in 2017 to 46 percent in 2019, and representation in the top three salary levels grew from 39 percent in 2017 to 41 percent in 2019.

Since launching the strategic hiring initiative in 2017, 17 underrepresented employees (12 men and 4 women of color, as well as 1 white female) moved into key business segments and revenue generating roles.

The focus for 2020 is to continue expanding initiatives that are yielding the greatest results. These include strategic hiring efforts in customer impact and marketplace revenue generating roles; expanding the Women and Wealth program across remaining markets post-merger; and continuing to refine and expand multicultural customer and vendor acquisition efforts.