Profiles in Diversity Journal 2008 Innovations in Diversity Award

The companies above have distinguished themselves by virtue of the innovative approach they have taken to advance diversity in the workplace and in the communities they serve. In almost all cases, their efforts can be imitated and implemented by others who are still searching for the spark to ignite their own programs.

We like the fact that there is so much, well, diversity, among the initiatives described here. You’ll find programs that address generational differences, underserved youth, education, persons with disabilities, and a host of other topics. We sincerely hope you’ll read them carefully, and then try to identify what you can do at your own business, regardless of its size.

We congratulate these companies for their unwavering and creative commitment to diversity and inclusion. They are making the world a better place to live for all of us.

Top Ten Innovations in Diversity Award Winners

  1. BD – Network XYZ
  2. Georgia Power – Retaliation Awareness and Skill Building to Create a Better Workplace
  3. WellPoint, Inc. – Corporate Cultural Change—One Person at a Time
  4. CVS Caremark – A Partnership for a Diverse Workforce
  5. KPMG LLP – Major League Baseball Is Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities
  6. Burger King Corporation – Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) Mentor Program
  7. Sodexo – Ten Key Elements
  8. New York Life – Finding Work Through The Web
  9. Credit Suisse – Credit Suisse Family Network
  10. Borders Group, Inc. – Age 50+ Job Seeker Workshops

Innovations in Diversity Awards of Excellence