Profiles in Diversity Journal 2007 Innovations in Diversity Award

Innovation is creativity colliding with opportunity. Some organizations do it well; others languish, never quite finding the spark that ignites new ideas or makes old ideas fresh. We here present a collection of innovative programs from top companies whose purpose is to advance diversity and inclusion. Often brilliant because of their simplicity, these programs can be transplanted to other corporate cultures. We hope you’ll spot an idea here that can help your own business grow.

Top Ten Innovations in Diversity Award Winners

  1. Sodexo – Sodexo’s Champions of Diversity Program
  2. Royal Dutch Shell – Progression and Retention of Women in Royal Dutch Shell
  3. InterContinental Hotels Group – InterContinental Hotels Group’s Disability Mentoring Day
  4. KPMG LLP – KPMG’s Future Diversity Leaders Program
  5. Lockheed Martin Corporation – Lockheed Martin’s Diversity Maturity Model
  6. Kaiser Permanente – Kaiser Permanente’s Diversity, Data & Demo-graphics Program (DDDP)
  7. Best Buy – Best Buy’s Memphis Cultural Immersion
  8. Dell Inc. – Dell’s Online Library For African-American Political History
  9. MGM MIRAGE – MGM MIRAGE’s Aligning Diversity to Drive Performance
  10. Credit Suisse – Credit Suisse’s Keys to Leadership—Unlocking Potential Program

Innovations in Diversity Awards of Excellence