Cal Mathis

Cal Mathis
Vice President & Chief Security Officer

Education: Master’s & Bachelor’s degrees, John Jay College of Criminal Justice; Graduate, FBI National Academy 154th session; Certificates in Security Leadership, The Wharton School, UPenn and Georgetown University
Company Name: S&P Global
Industry: Ratings, commodities, data analytics, technology
Company CEO: Douglas L. Peterson
Company Headquarters Location: New York, New York
Number of Employees: 23,000 globally
Words you live by: Focus on that which is most important.
Who is your personal hero? Dr. John Glover, the first Black chief security officer of a major company
What book are you reading? Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson
What was your first job? Guard at a maximum security prison
Favorite charity: Citizens Committee for Children NYC and Get Out & Stay Out NYC
Interests: Family time, international affairs, traveling, and reading
Family: Married 32 years to Arlette; son Caliph (32); and daughters Ashley (30) and Gabrielle (26)

Always Doing My Best

My work at S&P Global has a singular focus: protect that which is most important—my colleagues around the world who support the markets and our customers. Business objectives are often difficult to achieve in high-threat environments, whether these are natural disasters, terrorism, kidnapping, violence, disease, or other risks. My job is to scan the horizon for these events, develop an action plan to avoid or minimize impact, and ensure the ability to respond effectively. Whenever the company is successful in pursuing opportunities in challenging environments, it’s rewarding to know that Global Security provided some level of support.

The career path leading to my current role has been filled with many accomplishments and rewarding experiences. My first job, while in college, was working as a guard at a maximum-security prison. This led to a 20+-year career as a policeman in New York City. Eventually, I was appointed to lead the New York City Sheriff’s Office. Later, I joined S&P Global’s security team.

Mentoring has been an important aspect of my career and individual development. The mentors I’ve learned from taught me that success is best measured by earning a reputation of fulfilling the tasks required for your position, and performing these to the best of your ability. This often leads to greater leadership opportunities in more challenging roles. These are the lessons I share with my mentees at S&P Global, and at Big Brothers Big Sisters and Get Out & Stay Out NYC.

It’s rewarding to work at a company that understands corporate responsibility and the importance of giving back. S&P Global partners with community organizations, provides support to employees who volunteer their time, and funds programs such as STEM education, youth reading, women-owned businesses, student internships, and other important causes. The company also encourages employees to engage in courageous conversations about relevant social justice topics such as race and racial disparities in the United States and abroad, unfair treatment of minorities, police brutality, and micro-aggressions.

The effects of COVID-19 are unprecedented within the last 100 years. The pandemic has significantly affected humanity, with virtually everyone experiencing some impact. Globally, communities of color and the underprivileged are faced with compounded challenges, such as poverty, higher levels of unemployment, inadequate health care, educational inequities, and discriminatory policies. Even worse, additional life-threatening risks, including starvation, water scarcity, food insecurity, and conflict in many parts of the world, cause further harm.

My inspiration comes from several sources, especially from my incredibly wonderful and supportive wife and family. I also get inspiration from my phenomenally talented team, who are among the finest security professionals in the world. Finally, I find inspiration in knowing that the company’s senior leadership and my 23,000 colleagues in 37 countries have entrusted me with ensuring their safety and security.