Terry Pierce

Terry Pierce
Regional Campus Recruiting Senior Manager

Education: Bachelor of Science (Honors Program), English and accounting, Langston University
Company Name: Moss Adams
Industry: Public Accounting
Company CEO: Chris Schmidt
Company Headquarters Location: Seattle, Washington
Number of Employees: 3,300+
Your Location (if different from above): Dallas, Texas
Words you live by: “Always act like you belong.” –my father, Terry Pierce, Sr.; “If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring in a folding chair.” –Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm
Who is your personal hero? My father, Terry Pierce, Sr.
What book are you reading? An early copy of my mother, Rose Pierce’s second book, Poetry & Paintings to Inspire; and How to be an Inclusive Leader by Jennifer Brown
What was your first job: Proud pizza maker at Little Caesar’s in Plano, Texas!
Favorite charity: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Education Foundation (focused on scholarship, programs, and training)
Interests: Cheering for all Dallas professional sports teams, fun with family, and Marvel movies
Family: Daughter, Taylor Pierce (20 yrs old); Son, Terry “Trey” Pierce III (19 yrs old); Fiancée, Angelique Watson

Moving Toward a Better World

My professional passion and dedication to making an impact around diversity, inclusion, and equity was ignited by lessons learned from my parents, Rose and Terry Pierce, Sr. They focused on providing the best possible home, education, and opportunities for our family. The values of hard work, respect, faith, and family were always evident in our home. My mother developed and presented some of the original Black History Month programs in our school district.

That early knowledge of our culture and ideals my parents exuded influenced my decision to attend Langston University, a Historically Black College & University, in Oklahoma. There, I learned many life lessons, and was pointed in the direction of the accounting profession by my late advisor and mentor, Mr. James Wallace. Somehow, he tricked me into enjoying accounting.

When I entered the public accounting industry in 1994, Blacks only made up two percent of CPAs in the United States. Sadly, that has only increased to about four percent today. I want to help increase the number of Black and diverse students coming into the profession. That starts with developing outreach programs in early grades to enlighten students regarding opportunities in accounting. It is also necessary to connect with students in college to help them realize they can excel in the field and get current employees engaged in recruitment.

We must support, develop, and promote our diverse professionals. Representation matters! Ensuring that students see others who look like them in the profession and achieving goals they have set can make a world of difference to someone. This keeps me motivated to make an impact for current and future generations.

For future generations, including my two children who are currently in college, I hope the world becomes a safer, kinder, more respectful place. The social injustices brought to the forefront of society this year, in the midst of a global pandemic, must become the spark for us to be better. These moments must become a continued movement to fight any and all racism—to uphold the life, liberties and rights we claim as humans and citizens. After the tragic death of George Floyd earlier this year, I shared with colleagues at Moss Adams my feelings of anger, sadness, helplessness, fear, and exhaustion. Society continues to show it has cataracts, when it comes to African Americans and people of color. We are not loved, respected, seen, or considered the same, as others. I hope my actions at work, in my profession, and within my community can have a positive impact in moving toward a better world.