Kelley Kronenberg

Company: Kelley Kronenberg Attorneys at Law
Diversity Team Name: Kelley Kronenberg’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Diversity Team Leader(s): Michelle Martinez Reyes

What Makes this Diversity Team Stand Out

Kelley Kronenberg has made hiring diverse candidates at all levels a priority in its recruiting efforts. At the firm, diversity and inclusion is supported and embraced not only by the human resources department, but also by all the principal shareholders. CEO and Principal Partner Michael Fichtel has joined the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD), which is leading the nationwide effort to increase diversity among lawyers throughout Fortune 500 companies and top-tier law firm members. Michael has committed to participate in the LCLD’s leadership summit to propel diversity, and the firm will be sharing its diversity pledge with LCLD members.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is involved in promoting internal and external campaigns through social media and events to propel recruiting and attracting diverse candidates with the assistance of the human resources department.

Kelley Kronenberg’s Human Resources department is led by gender and racially diverse executives who support the Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s efforts to propel firm-wide and community-based diversity initiatives. Half of the C-suite consists of minorities and women. The firm also monitors and keeps current records of gender and ethnic diversity, which is proudly disclosed on the firm’s website.

We support diversity-based events and celebrate holidays from various cultural and religious backgrounds to educate and spread a message of inclusion in workplace. Our summer internship program recruits diverse law students to work in various practice areas in different departments. The firm has established internal leadership and self-improvement training programs for all its employees, including programs relating to unconscious bias.

At Kelley Kronenberg, diversity and inclusion is not just an initiative or a program; it is an investment from the very senior principal shareholders to the newest person in the door. We believe that committing to the cause of inclusiveness internally will ultimately effect change externally for the benefit of the legal community at large.

Businesses that take the initiative to increase the diversity of their management teams, across all dimensions of diversity and with the right enabling factors in place, perform better. Diverse leadership propels business success by finding unconventional solutions to problems and generates better ideas, some of which are likely to become winning products and services in the marketplace. As a result, these organizations outperform their peers financially.

Changing the makeup of the leadership team in terms of national origins, industry backgrounds, gender balance, career paths, ages, and educational focus can bring a fresh perspective. Increasing the diversity of leadership teams leads to more innovation and improved financial performance. People with different backgrounds and experiences often see the same problem in different ways and come up with different solutions, increasing the odds that one of those solutions will be a success.