Peter Young

Vice President, Remote Site, Canada

Who is/was your most influential leadership mentor and why? I don’t have one mentor in leadership. I try to assess the best demonstrated leadership from people and I apply their approach to a given situation. There are many solutions to a given situation; therefore I believe I need to have a worldly view in order to be more creative and innovative.

Headquarters: Gaithersburg, Maryland (North American Headquarters)
Web Site:
Primary Business: Quality of Life Solutions.
Employees: 120,000 employees in North America

What is your most rewarding career accomplishment? I have had many objectives over the years – some were planned, others were emergent. In the last seven years, I have been working with many aboriginal communities. I have learned about new cultures and have been able to mold Sodexo’s partnerships to have great impact on several aboriginal community members. Many members have found employment and have benefited from training programs. These experiences are theirs and will continue to contribute to a better life.

What advice can you provide for young leaders? Listen to many people before forming your opinion on a given matter. Take calculated chances, be curious…you’re not expected to know everything. Be a leader in your heart, not in your mind.

Title: Vice President, Remote Site, Canada
Education: Completing EMBA at McGill – HEC Montréal
What I’m Reading: Collaboration, by Morten T. Hansen
My Philosophy: It’s better to be a lion and not a lamb. Successes are the team’s realization. And, a French saying, “La parole est d’argent le est d’or” on certain matters.
Interests: Cycling, travelling to new destinations, avid reader, skiing, travelling, passion for different cultures.