Profiles in Diversity Journal 2022 Diversity Teams International Award

Celebrating this Year’s Very Impressive Diversity Teams

PDJ is proud to honor Diversity Teams—groups of dedicated individuals who come together to develop the strategies, create the programs, launch and manage the initiatives, and reach out to all employees to ensure that diversity, inclusion, and equity remain central to the growth of an open and welcoming workplace.

The Diversity Teams Award recipients we showcase in the following pages use their talents to reach out to an ever-expanding variety of potential hires, vendors, clients, and communities. Diversity, inclusion, and equity are central to everything they do. For many Team members, who at one time or another have felt excluded or ignored because they belonged to a particular gender, or ethnic or cultural group, making diversity a reality is a personal imperative.

This year’s Award recipients are also teaching company leaders and hiring managers to recognize and confront their own biases. Most important, they are cultivating workplaces that invite all employees to bring their authentic selves to work every day.

We invite you to get to know these extraordinary Diversity Teams. You may discover ideas and strategies you can use to help create a more open, welcoming, and successful workplace. And we know you’ll be inspired by their enthusiasm and commitment.

2022 Diversity Team Award Winners

  • Ally Financial – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team – Reggie Willis
  • Best Best & Krieger LLP – Best Best & Krieger Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee – Chief Talent Officer Danielle Sakai
  • Milbank LLP – Milbank LLP Diversity Group – Mikeisha Anderson Jones, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer
  • Washington Capital Partners – Washington Capital Partners – Giselle Bonzi
Profiles in Diversity Journal 2022 Diversity Teams International Award Winner company logos