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Company: Landing International Inc.
Innovation Title: BeautyFluent
Company Website:
Year Introduced: 2022

Executive Summary

Since 2016, Landing International has been at the forefront of transforming the beauty industry into a more conscious, inclusive, and empowering space. Leveraging the power of technology, Landing has pioneered a path that levels the beauty retail playing field, enabling small beauty brands to compete on equal footing with multinational corporations that have historically dominated the industry and promoted narrow and exclusive definitions of beauty.

In 2022, Landing unveiled BeautyFluent, an innovative education app that revolutionizes how gender-inclusive, female-owned, and minority-owned beauty brands connect directly with beauty advisors. These advisors are the frontline ambassadors who interact with customers daily at prominent retailers like Ulta and JCPenney.

For inclusive brands with limited budgets, competing for the attention of beauty advisors can be a daunting challenge. Often, they struggle to gain a foothold in retail, resulting in a loss of brand diversity that diminishes the beauty landscape’s richness and inclusivity. BeautyFluent addresses this disparity by making retail training more affordable for smaller brands and more empowering for beauty advisors. This commitment ensures a future where everyone, regardless of background, sees themselves reflected in the brands available in stores.

One of BeautyFluent’s remarkable features is its ability to empower consumers to support companies that align with their social values. Whether a customer desires products from a Black-owned company, a female founder, or a vegan brand, BeautyFluent simplifies the process. It equips beauty advisors with the tools to search by brand values and guide customers toward products or brands that align with their ethical beliefs.

The positive impact of BeautyFluent is multifaceted. First and foremost, it empowers consumers to make informed choices that align with their values. This aligns perfectly with Landing’s mission to foster a more accepting beauty culture. Additionally, it has significant benefits for brands. BeautyFluent provides exposure and accessibility in a hyper-competitive market, enabling brands to thrive. Furthermore, it fosters the growth of beauty advisors, enhancing their confidence and knowledge, ultimately leading to increased sales.

Over the past year, Landing International has experienced a remarkable 70% increase in revenue, projecting an anticipated revenue of $21 million for 2023. These financial milestones underscore the platform’s effectiveness in driving growth. Simultaneously, the user base of BeautyFluent has seen exponential growth, further validating its crucial role in the beauty industry’s evolution.

With their new partnership, JCPenney and BeautyFluent are making brand education more accessible and empowering for beauty advisors across the country. Now available on JCPenney’s in-store iPads, BeautyFluent makes education more accessible for its monumental assortment of hyper-inclusive brands – many of which are small and minority-owned. It’s a testament to BeautyFluent’s transformative power in fostering innovation, representation, and responsibility within the beauty industry.

In summary, Landing International’s BeautyFluent is more than just an app; it’s a transformative force that redefines beauty norms and promotes diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry. It drives positive change, fosters innovation, and impacts various stakeholders in the beauty ecosystem, contributing to a more accepting and diverse beauty culture.