Diane P. Holder

Diane P. Holder
President and CEO, UPMC Health Plan

Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Website: www.upmchealthplan.com
Primary Business: Health Insurance
Revenues: $3 billion
Employees: 2,145

2011 CEO in Action

At UPMC Health Plan, we have had success incorporating inclusion and diversity into our company’s operation because we live by those ideals every day. Inclusion drives innovation, and it is what helps our company keep pace with a changing industry. Dignity and respect is a way of doing business at UPMC Health Plan and part of the company’s DNA. It all starts with our belief that inclusion is based on one core truth: that everyone deserves dignity and respect. At UPMC Health Plan – as well as throughout the entire UPMC Insurance Services Division and our parent company, UPMC – that way of thinking is not just limited to employees. It extends to our members and to the communities we serve.

For example, UPMC Health Plan works closely with community programs such as Healthy Armstrong and We Can!, which are designed to improve the health of children and families in rural and urban areas. The Health Plan also supports Pennsylvania Women Work, an organization that promotes the economic self-sufficiency of single parents and displaced homemakers. As a company, we have been recognized over the years for our consistent backing of organizations that work with persons with disabilities, such as the Blind & Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh and the Epilepsy Foundation of Western Pennsylvania.

In 2010, our staff and management participated in an initiative called “A Journey to Inclusion.” This yearlong effort focused on enjoyable activities that promoted dignity and respect and encouraged inclusion among employees.

For our efforts, we were given the Leadership in Action award from the Center for Inclusion at UPMC, which is awarded to the business unit that has gone above and beyond to champion a culture of inclusion. In 2011, we will enhance our employee recognition program by honoring employees who practice inclusion in their actions and behaviors.

At UPMC Health Plan, a company with a workforce that is about three-quarters female, inclusion drives innovation and excellence. I keep an open mind when looking to fill positions at UPMC Health Plan. I look for diverse talent that will help the organization to effectively serve the community by fostering a work environment of creative thoughts, ideas, and innovation.

In my role as Executive Vice President of UPMC, President of the UPMC Insurance Services Division, and President and CEO of UPMC Health Plan, I know that the commitment to inclusion that is shared by our entire team has had a dramatic impact on the values of our organization and on the communities we serve. All of us strive to implement the concepts of dignity and inclusion because we live it, because that is who we are.

Education: University of Michigan, BA; Columbia University, MS
First Job: Writer, local newspaper
What I’m Reading: Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand
My Philosophy: Everyone should try to leave the world a much better place than they found it.
Best Advice: Find your passion and follow it.
Family: Husband, two daughters, and a son
Interests: Family, work, tennis and reading
Favorite Charity: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh