by Tony Park

Director of Human Resources, International Business
Abercrombie and Fitch

Headquarters: New Albany, Ohio
Web Site:
Primary Business: Retail – Apparel
Employees: 100,000

What is your most rewarding career accomplishment? Landing a job at Abercrombie. Come on, I get to wear distressed jeans and flip-flops to work!

What advice can you provide for young leaders? Build trusting relationships with a few peers who will have the green light to be honest with you. I was lucky enough to have someone early in my career tell me, “Tony, you are failing…” It was a wake-up call.

What are the personal and professional risks a leader should take? Being confident in their ideas. Many of us have sat in that conference room, overly concerned about having our thoughts/ideas criticized or dissected. We need to speak up and be willing to put our ideas out there. A second risk is having the courage to be authentic. People respond to being real and genuine.

What was the defining moment in your life in which you understood your leadership? Understanding that I will never be that perfect leader, no matter how many books I read, or mentors I speak to. I just need to be conscious of it and work at it every day.

Education: Political Science, B.A.; Juris Doctorate
What I’m reading: The Big Short, by Michael Lewis
My philosophy: “Turn the page”—learn from your mistakes, but don’t dwell on them.
Interests: Tennis, golf, biking, theatre and eating at restaurants.

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