Dr. Robert Finocchiaro

Dr. Robert Finocchiaro
Executive Sponsor of STEP Program
3M Company

2011 Corporate Philanthropy

I have always enjoyed science, especially physics and astronomy, and how they relate to the physical world. What I lacked was a connection from my enthusiasm and curiosity with science to a long-range career path. The 3M STEP Program ended up being the link I needed. I have spent two summers in the 3M STEP Program and am currently employed at 3M as a technical aide.

As a junior in high school, I spotted a posting looking for students interested in careers in science, and decided to apply. I was one of the lucky 15 students out of over 100 who had applied who were selected for the 2007 STEP Program.

Through the STEP Program I worked with 3M engineers, technicians, and scientists where I got first hand exposure to careers in science. The program helped me improve my communication skills, boosted my confidence and really fed into my inquisitive nature.

By the end of the program my goals and career decisions had solidified, and I am now attending the University of Minnesota. My selection of college majors, computer science and computer engineering, was definitely influenced by courses I attended in the STEP Program.

I am now a junior at the university and am employed part-time at 3M as a technical aide in the optical systems division. I am also able to expand my network of mentors and friends, while gaining exposure to the business world. Often when classmates, professors and acquaintances discover that I have a position at 3M, I am met with expressions of fascination and amazement. I would have to agree, my experiences at 3M have been both fascinating and amazing! I am lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in the STEP Program and I hope to some day have the opportunity to share what I have learned with others.

by Edem Sessou
Technical Aide, 3M

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