At Walmart, we believe in a shared responsibility to drive diversity and to continue to build a culture of inclusion. In 2010, we strengthened this commitment by implementing the Diversity and Inclusion “Leadership on the Move” series, designed to enhance cultural competence at every level of the organization through a series of inclusion-focused interactive discussions. This series provides our associates with a foundational knowledge of diversity and inclusion concepts, and with practical examples of inclusive behaviors.

Targeting 1.4 million managers and associates across all of our U.S. facilities, “Leadership on the Move” is unique in its method of linking cultural competencies with leadership development. The series is comprised of four training tracks that include personal leadership, people leadership, results leadership and thought leadership. Each six-week track includes 15-minute discussions designed to equip associates with practical information that will help them better understand and maximize the value of diversity and inclusion.

Program impact has been both broad and deep in the organization, as more than 49,000 leaders in our facilities have participated in the program since its launch. A regional human resources manager who is responsible for the development of associates at 92 stores reports, “The impact of ‘Leadership on the Move’ is huge for our region. Our store managers are telling me that this program allows us to focus on our similarities and differences, while developing our people at the same time. Even after completing the program, many stores continue to use the training materials to develop their supervisors.”

By facilitating program discussions, leaders at every level of our company are building their own cultural competencies while helping our associates better understand and model inclusive behaviors. Associates are engaged in conversations about removing barriers and avoiding stereotypes, expanding their perspectives to better understand others and becoming more conscious of the dynamics of interacting cultures. The combined engagement of our leaders and associates supports our corporate objective to ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace where we can leverage and engage the talents of every associate.