Harry Schiff was a junior at Princeton when he dreamed up Agent Anything, a company designed to help college students strapped for cash find quick, convenient jobs.

“One of the things you are seeing more commonly are the number of students that are in school and working at the same time. The more time students have to spend working, the more their grades suffer. At the end of theday you are [in college] to make good grades,” said Schiff. “Combining flexibility and the ability to make actual good money are key to Agent Anything.”

Schiff compares Agent Anything to eBay, but instead of goods, offering services. Those with “missions” post them on the website, which can range from errands to deliveries to handing out flyers.

While acting as a liaison between students and consumers seems like a simple concept, Agent Anything has received considerable traffic, and is hoping to expand further from the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

“We get a lot of emails from people asking us to bring Agent Anything to their area,” said Schiff. “In the next few months, we’re going to be looking carefully at where the majority of these emails are coming from and start expanding in those areas first.”

View Agent Anything website at: http://www.agentanything.com/