Henry (Hank) G. Jackson

Henry (Hank) G. Jackson
President and CEO, Society for Human Resource Management

Headquarters: Alexandria, Virginia
Website: www.shrm.org
Primary Business: Not-for-profit professional association
Revenues: $110 million
Members: 260,000

Generational Mix, Veterans and Retirees Keep SHRM Busy

Diversity exists in every workplace. It isn’t always about race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Diversity exists when you have two or more people working toward a common goal. The question is not “Do we have diversity?” But rather, “How much diversity do we have and are we making every employee feel included and engaged?”

Ensuring inclusion and engagement is a vital responsibility for HR professionals. An unprecedented generational mix, Baby Boomer retirements, a skills gap, the transition of veterans to the workplace, and the challenge of employee engagement are things that keep CEOs up at night.

And with these demographic shifts, the HR profession must accommodate the priorities and motivations of a diverse mix of employees. At the same time, we must keep all employees engaged.

A recent Randstad study found that one in five of the most engaged employees would be willing to accept a new job offer in the next six months.

A Manpower survey found that, due to a skills gap, more than half of U.S. employers are having difficulty filling critical positions. SHRM’s own research reinforces that dilemma.

At SHRM, we recognize that all of these challenges touch on the importance of D&I. Here are just some of the items in our D&I strategy for 2012 and beyond:

  • Creating first-ever standards for D&I.
  • Providing organizations with customized D&I solutions.
  • With 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day, we are partnering with AARP to conduct new research and help implement strategies for keeping and leveraging the talents of older workers.
  • Recognizing that workplace flexibility is the next major business imperative.
  • Working with the White House’s Joining Forces effort for active duty military and veterans.
  • With nearly 30 percent of 18-24 year olds underemployed, SHRM is partnering with “Summer Jobs Plus!,” an initiative that addresses employment opportunities for low-income and disconnected youth.

Diversity and inclusion surrounds us. In a world of societal movement and transition, we have an opportunity to ensure that D&I is part of the equation as workplaces and workforces are re-thought and re-imagined.
Demographics favor us. We have an emerging generation more pre-disposed to a world of diversity and inclusion. We’d better be ready to take advantage of that.

Education: BS, Stonehill College
First Job:Computer audit specialist with a major accounting firm
What I’m Reading:Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson
My Philosophy:Empower people. Lead by example.
Best Advice: Never believe you are the smartest person in the room. Always look for win/win outcomes. Hire good people.
Family: Wife and four children
Interests: Travel and biking
Favorite Charity: Hospice