John R. Raymond, Sr., MD

John R. Raymond, Sr., MD
President and Chief Executive Officer, Medical College of Wisconsin

Headquarters: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Primary Business: Education
Revenues: $895.8 million
Employees: 5,400

Helping to Alleviate Underrepresentation in Medicine

At the Medical College of Wisconsin, we are working diligently to ensure that diversity and inclusion is not just a philosophy but rather a way of life.

Since joining this private medical institution in July 2010, I have shared my unwavering commitment to promoting an inclusive environment that fosters the genuine integration of a diverse student body and faculty into all aspects of academic life. As a practicing nephrologist who plays active roles in clinical care, teaching, and faculty mentorship, I believe that life experiences are critical in the educational process.

A considerable challenge faced by medical schools throughout the country is that of “Underrepresented in Medicine” (URM)—which refers to those racial and ethnic populations that are underrepresented in the medical profession relative to their numbers in the general population. Because minority physicians are more likely to serve minority, disadvantaged and low-income populations, enhancing the pool of underrepresented minorities among faculty and physicians will help alleviate disparities in the quality of their healthcare.

We are cultivating an institutional culture that fosters the recruitment, nurturing and retention of a diverse student body, trainees, staff and faculty to reflect the larger community in which we live. We are building an inclusive environment that embraces diversity, celebrates cultural differences and promotes mutual understanding and respect for individuals. We are developing comprehensive strategies to facilitate equal opportunity and diversity in our educational, clinical and research programs as well as in our internal and external communities.
Perhaps most importantly, our invigorated inclusion and diversity initiatives are reflected in the near-record 15% URM students who matriculated at the Medical College in fall 2011—placing us in the top tier among private medical schools in the Midwest.

Decisive actions speak loudly to embody principles. I have learned that reaching out to detractors of diversity and inclusion initiatives—to engage them in dialogue—is a “best-practices” approach that ultimately succeeds in forging important partnerships. This philosophy will serve us well as we face the challenges and achievements of 21st century healthcare.

Education: BS, MD, the Ohio State University
First Job: Janitor, Archbishop Hoban High School, Akron, Ohio
What I’m Reading: Pursuing Excellence in Healthcare, by Dr. Arthur Feldman; On the Mend: Revolutionizing Healthcare to Save Lives and Transform the Industry, by Drs. John Toussaint and Roger A. Gerard
My Philosophy: Openness, inclusiveness, positive engagement
Best Advice: Listen well—then engage in courageous conversation.
Family: Two children
Interests: Reading, writing, chess, fitness
Favorite Charities: United Way, Combined Federal Campaign, Medical College of Wisconsin