Michael J. Williams

Michael J. Williams
Chief Executive Officer, Fannie Mae

Headquarters: Washington, D.C.
Website: www.FannieMae.com
Primary Business: Mortgage finance
Employees: 7,000

Women in Technology, Minority Top Talent Help Foster Development

Diversity and inclusion are more than words at Fannie Mae. The diversity of people and perspectives that drives our culture and business strategy is key to our efforts to build a stronger company, and better serve the nation’s housing market and families.

We work to attract diverse talent because we know that unique skills and valuable perspectives contribute to the success of the company. Nearly half of our employees are women and minorities, making us unique in the financial services industry. To ensure we maintain this diversity, we actively work with organizations that support multicultural professional development to identify and hire the best talent.

We foster the growth and development of women and minority talent through programs such as Women in Technology, which supports the professional development of women in IT. We also participate in Minority Top Talent, which supports the professional development of high-achieving minority employees. And we identify women and minorities at the company to attend external leadership programs.

Diversity and inclusion across our business is another key component of our overall diversity strategy. Through our supplier diversity program, we pursue our long-standing commitment to ensure that our service providers reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate. This approach also gives us an opportunity to contribute to economic growth and wealth creation in the communities we serve.

Through these and many other efforts, we make diversity and inclusion key components of our company and our business. This, in turn, helps us foster innovation, enhance our ability to pursue business opportunities, and overcome challenges through a better understanding of the marketplace.

Education: BS, MBA, Drexel University
My Philosophy: I am a firm believer in the importance of the team.
Favorite Charity: Help the Homeless