Rajiv Thadani- Managing Director, Tax, KPMG Rajiv Thadani
Rajiv Thadani

Rajiv Thadani – Managing Director, Tax, KPMG

Bachelor in Commerce, Mumbai University, Chartered Accountant from India, Enrolled Agent in the US
What I’m Reading:
Connect the Dots
My Philosophy:Stay actively engaged in everything you do
Watching adventure and comedy movies with the family, still discovering new places in California, mentoring

What motivated you to choose your field/career path? How did you come by your current position?
I always enjoyed finance and accounting when I was in college, and I had the opportunity to work for a very small accounting firm then. I liked what I was doing so decided to pursue a career in accounting and tax. Once I completed my Chartered Accountancy, I started working for a Big 5 accounting firm in India. About 11 years ago, I relocated to the Bay Area in California to work for KPMG, and have been here since.
[sws_pullquote_right]”Be yourself in the workplace, and take complete ownership of your career. Raise your hand when you want something; don’t wait for it to come to you.”[/sws_pullquote_right]
Are there any stereotypes of Asian/Pacific Americans that should be refuted or are incorrect?
The perception that Asians are not risk-takers. Most very successful Asian Americans in corporate America have taken risks in their careers. Another misperception is that Asian Americans are poor communicators. That’s also an unfair generalization.

Are there any groups, social or business, that have been particularly helpful to you?
KPMG’S internal Asian Pacific Islander Network, as well as the ASCEND organization, both have provided me and other Asian Americans within and outside my firm with guidance, access to dynamic ideas, and a clear vision for Asian American leaders in the workplace.

Company Headquarters: New York, New York
Website: www.kpmg.com/us
Primary Business: Audit, Tax, and Advisory services
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