Minde Martin Lu

Minde (Martin) Lu
Executive Partner, Long Island General Office, New York Life

Education: MBA from Clarion University
What I’m Reading: Biographies, Motivational books
My Philosophy: Always be positive and optimistic
Interests: Chinese cooking
Company Headquarters: New York, New York
Website: www.newyorklife.com
Primary Business: Insurance
Annual Revenues: $15.9 billion

What motivated you to choose your field/career path? How did you come by your current position?
I was always interested in business and wanted to use my MBA but I also wanted to give back to my community. A career in the life insurance industry was the perfect match because I could earn money and help my community at the same time. For many in the Asian community where English is a second language, communicating information about financial planning, insurance products and retirement can be a challenge and I thought I could help. I liked the idea of a mutual company and I felt that New York Life’s products were not for just the wealthy, there was something to meet everyone’s needs.

“It’s a challenge to try to maintain a balance between traditional Chinese/Asian and more American modern values and behavior. I recognize both are necessary to be successful and be well-rounded and accepted.”

How do you think Asian Americans have evolved in terms of industry/field diversity?
Asians growing up today in America have access to education and don’t have the language barrier to overcome as did many of their parents. There are more opportunities available to them.

What are the major values of your heritage? How have they helped you in your career?
The key to success is to work hard and play by the rules. It’s also important to give back to the community. These values have definitely helped me to get to where I am today. My clients trust me and they know I will work hard to make sure their family or business is financially protected.