Robbin Narike Preciado

Robbin Narike Preciado
Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, Union Bank, N.A.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
What I’m Reading: The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn, The Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner and lots of magazines.
My Philosophy: Bring your whole, well-rounded self to every situation.
Interests: Reading, music, sports (especially fishing)
Company Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Primary Business: Financial Services
Annual Revenues: $89.7 billion

How has your heritage been beneficial or helpful in your career/and or business relationships?
Understanding the importance of values and traditions, being respectful of others and recognizing diversity and inclusion are major aspects of my heritage and have greatly enhanced my business relationships, especially with my various colleagues.

“Be true to your whole self and your culture. Find a balance in the dual responsibility of understanding your roots and where they fit in who you are today.”

What are the major values of your heritage? How have they helped you in your career?
Being respectful and responsible, honoring your elders, loyalty, hard work, never letting your boss down – these are major values of my heritage and many of the basic principles we all learned in grade school. They translate into our adult lives and careers and continue to help me in my career by reminding me that perseverance and self determination are critical to success.

What do you think is the greatest issue or dilemma facing the Asian/Pacific-American community today?
Generational transformations – striking the right balance between honoring our cultural values and traditions while meeting our mainstream objectives of present day. We have a responsibility to our elders and to our everyday jobs and lives in general. As a community, we can also become more educated as it relates to health awareness.