Ken Dao

Ken Dao
Sourcing Integration Leader, GE Oil & Gas

Education: MBA, BSME
What I’m Reading: WSJ, BCC news & CNBC, 1000 Awesome Things
My Philosophy: Don’t spend your time on thinking what if… Grab the present and be happy even in your toughest times. You might not be able to change the world but you can change everyone around you with a positive attitude toward life.
Interests: Racquet ball, swimming, travel and teaching
Company Headquarters: Fairfield, Connecticut
Primary Business: Technology, Finance, Services
Annual Revenues: $150 billion

How do you think Asian Americans have evolved in terms of industry/field diversity?
Jeremy Lin broke the mold to be a fantastic smart basketball player with a Harvard degree. Asian Pacific Americans can be anything if they put heart and effort into it. However, it takes time to change the stereotype. The day we see more minority in key media roles will be just the beginning of a new page for the U.S. as a true melting pot. Martin Luther King’s speech… “I have a dream” – we are not there yet.

“Asian Pacific Americans are Americans. The day people stop asking “truly, where are you from?” is the day we are accepted as Americans.”

Are there any stereotypes of Asian/Pacific Americans that should be refuted or are incorrect?
Asian Pacific Americans are quiet, have no opinions, and don’t want to lead. We are quiet because we are listening. We don’t speak up because we want to wait for our turn politely. We want to lead but we show it by being key team players as we want harmony more than personal glory.

How has your heritage been beneficial or helpful in your career/and or business relationships?
Being humble with courage, listening and being a team-player help me develop the sourcing strategy for the business with respect to protect, grow and create categories.