David C. Wu

David C. Wu
Director of Strategic Development, Rockwell Collins

Education: Ph.D. University of Toronto; MBA Arizona State University
What I’m Reading: Conversations with Lee Kuan Yew by Tom Plate
My Philosophy: Do what is right, not what is expedient
Interests: Family, photography, cycling
Company Headquarters: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Website: www.rockwellcollins.com
Primary Business: Aviation electronics and communications
Annual Revenues: $4.8 billion

How do you think Asian Americans have evolved in terms of industry/field diversity?
Certainly progress has been made. Asian Americans are no longer just engineers/analysts in large corporations; we are making progress towards business leadership, as well as in sports and arts.

“To climb the corporate ladder in Western culture, being modest has its limits. To rise in the ranks, you need to be more self-assertive and not limiting yourself to the status quo.”

How has your heritage been beneficial or helpful in your career/and or business relationships?
Diligence has beneficial in my career – it’s valued in both Asian and American cultures. The rise of Asian economies has opened opportunities especially to those who are multi-lingual and multi-cultural.

What are some tips for other Asian/Pacific Americans beginning their careers?
Be true to yourself and follow your heart. Do not be constrained by traditional concepts of what would be considered “respectable” professions. Enlarge your social and professional circles; do not only socialize within the Asian/Pacific-American community.