Category: Black Heritage

Taj Clayton – Fish & Richardson

Whatever you do, take ownership of it.

Robert Johnson – Gibbons P.C.

If you are patient in life, as well as in your career, things tend to break in your favor.

Bernice Humphrey – Girls Inc.

So many of us end up doing something totally different than what we went to school for. That’s not failure; if it’s a better fit for our talents and spirits, it’s a huge success.

Ernest LaMont Greer – Greenberg Traurig

Everyone can add value, and I believe that each day presents an opportunity for me to help people understand and communicate that value in their lives.

Tony Norwood – Ingersoll Rand

Build trust through consistency. Follow through on the things you say you are going to do.

Ronald L. Copeland – Kaiser Permanente

You have to make the invisible, visible, and make a compelling case for relevancy to kick start engagement.

Sheila Boston – Kaye Scholer LLP

I try to help those from diverse backgrounds who are pursuing a legal career and other professional achievements by sharing my time, experience and advice.

Dionne Spencer – Legg Mason

My advice to someone just beginning his or her career is to set goals and write a plan to achieve them.

Wheeler Coleman – Lifetime Healthcare Companies, Inc.

I didn’t get where I am today without the help of others, so I believe that I need to give back.

Karla Munden – Lincoln Financial Group

Be dedicated to your craft. I also share the same advice my parents gave me, “No matter what you choose to do, be the best.”