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Building Vital Professional Relationships

On the hit TV show Mad Men, the office is largely white and largely male, and those who don’t fit that profile are largely left out. Though today’s workplace is infinitely more diverse than what we see on Mad Men, it’s still true that homogeneity can limit inclusivity.

Supplier Diversity Best Practices

by Sherri Macko Manager, Diversified Supplier Program American Airlines How are your buyers engaged in your Supplier Diversity program? Commodity Managers actively participate in M/WBE events to identify potential M/WBE suppliers, and they actively engage these suppliers in bid opportunities. M/WBE suppliers are part of their Value Strategy for their specific commodity. Commodity Managers are… Read the full article

Six Warning Signs of a Troubled Diversity Initiative

By Angela Roseboro Managing Partner Fusion Group Throughout my career as a diversity practitioner, I have had the opportunity to support organizations that understood and leveraged diversity, as well as companies that were in the beginning of their diversity journey. Over the years, I have noticed some common patterns that have the potential to impact… Read the full article

Habits of Highly Effective Diversity Training

What do you do with your diversity programs after the workshops and seminars are finished? Many organizations believe that once the training session is held, diversity and inclusion will follow. But Diversity Trainers know that the real business of building diversity programs is in managing them after their inception. Diversity Training needs to become a habit—not just an event.

What Keeps Diversity Professionals Up at Night?

As the old saying goes, “all good things come to an end.” In this, the last installment of the series “What Keeps Diversity Professionals Up at Night,” I focus on the subject of legal risks and reputational damage.